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Inerrancy, Inspiration of Scripture, Hermeneutics

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Inerrancy, Inspiration of Scripture, Hermeneutics

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Is the Bible Intolerant? Sexist? Oppressive? Homophobic? Outdated? Irrelevant?, Amy Orr-Ewing
1 Amy Orr-Ewing Is the Bible Intolerant? Sexist? Oppressive? Homophobic? Outdated? Irrelevant?
Chicago, IL Gia Publications 1994 0739469991 / 9780739469996 Hard Cover Used Like New Used Like New 
Clean and Sturdy. Why bother with the Bible? Of all the books in the world, the Bible sticks out like a sore thumb. For some, it's uniquely and divinely inspired, and thus the only authoritative source of truth. For others, it's a quaint relic from a bygone era that offers personal comfort to some but little more to anyone else. For still others, the Bible is a tool of sexist oppression, or a reactionary account of a violent God, or an arrogant detractor of other holy books, or even an indecipherable mess. But the Bible has withstood such criticism over the centuries, and as Amy Orr-Ewing shows, it bears surprising relevance to this generation. Facing contemporary critics square-on, with refreshing honesty and wit, Is the Bible Intolerant? will help you understand the Bible and the world it inhabits today. Bring your questions about the Bible, read with an open mind, and discover for yourself just how relevant--But how good--the Good Book can be. 
Price: 6.50 USD 5.20 USD 
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Inspiration Of The Bible, B. H. Carroll
2 B. H. Carroll Inspiration Of The Bible
Nashville, TN Thomas Nelson Publishers 1980 0840757352 / 9780840757357 Trade Paperback Good 
My faith is the faith of a simple, plain Baptist. I accepted from my father and Dr. Carroll the verbal inspiration of the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ, His perfect humanity, His atoning death, His bodily resurrection, His second coming. All my studies since have confirmed the simple faith I received from them. I greatly joy in the publication of this volume of Dr. Carroll’s sermons on the inspiration of the Bible. His interpretative authority has great weight with me, but I have never had occasion to depart from his teachings on these great themes. The logic, piling Scripture upon Scripture, coming from his great brain, made irresistible the force of his pronouncements. He was the greatest preacher and the mightiest soul I ever knew. He made deep tracks in Christ’s kingdom in Texas and the South-tracks that time cannot wear out. I trust that the messages he brings on this great theme will be quietly studied by multitudes of religious leaders, and I am sure the power of his messages will live long in their hearts and effectively in their lives. 
Price: 7.00 USD 5.60 USD 
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The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration, Basil Manly, Jr.
3 Basil Manly, Jr. The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration
Nashville, TN B&H 1995 0805412514 / 9780805412512 Hard Cover Used As New No dust jacket 

Price: 16.00 USD 12.80 USD 
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Protestant Biblical Interpretation, Bernard Ramm
4 Bernard Ramm Protestant Biblical Interpretation
Grand Rapids, MI Baker Book House 1970 Trade Paperback New 

Price: 4.50 USD 3.60 USD 
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A general survey of the history of the canon of the New Testament, Brooke Foss Westcott
5 Brooke Foss Westcott A general survey of the history of the canon of the New Testament
Grand Rapids, MI Baker Book House 1980 0801096405 / 9780801096402 Paperback Good 
A very small tear on the front cover has been taped. 
Price: 6.50 USD 5.20 USD 
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The Bible in the Church, Brooke Foss Westcott
6 Brooke Foss Westcott The Bible in the Church
Grand Rapids, MI Baker Book House 1979 0801096278 / 9780801096273 Paperback Good 
Sturdy Light wear. 
Price: 5.25 USD 4.20 USD 
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New Testament Background: Selected Documents, C. K. Barrett
7 C. K. Barrett New Testament Background: Selected Documents
New York HarperCollins 1989 0060605537 / 9780060605537 Paperback Good 
Light fading. A few markings. C. K. Barrett's selection of background documents to the New Testament has been an essential reference book for students of Christian origins for nearly forty years. Carefully chosen from a wide range of sources, and annotated with the impeccable scholarship for which Professor Barrett is renowned, this collection brings the world of the first century vividly to life. Now Professor Barrett has revised and enlarged the book, taking account particularly of the Qumran material and Gnostic literature, including the Nag Hammadi texts. The addition of these new sections, together with other significant changes throughout, bring the book right up to date. The chapters on Josephus, the Targums and Apocalyptic have all been enlarged, and there is new material from the Greek tragedians. A new generation of students will be as well served with this edition as their teachers were with the first. The book includes selections from: Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha (including 1 Enoch, 4 Ezra, 1 & 2 Maccabees): Dead Sea Scrolls: Eusebius: Gnostic Literature (including Hermetic, Mandaean & Nag Hammadi Texts): Greek & Latin authors (including Aristotle, Suetonius, Tacitus & Zeno): Inscriptions: Josephus: Old Testament (including Septuagint & Targums): Papyri: Philo: Rabbinic Literature (incluidng Midrashim, Mishnah & Talmuds) 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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8 Charles Augustus Briggs General Introduction to the Study of Holy Scripture
New York, NY Charles Scribner's Sons 1899 Cloth Fine 
There is a note on the first page. General Introduction To The Study Of Holy Scripture: The Principles, Methods, History, And Results Of Its Several Departments And Of The Whole; General Introduction To The Study Of Holy Scripture: The Principles, Methods, History, And Results Of Its Several Departments And Of The Whole 
Price: 17.98 USD 14.38 USD 
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How the Bible was Built, Charles Merrill Smith & James W. Bennett
9 Charles Merrill Smith & James W. Bennett How the Bible was Built
Grand Rapids, MI Eerdmans 2005 0802829430 / 9780802829436 Paperback Very Good 
Very light wear. No markings. The Bible continues to be the world’s runaway best-seller. But very few people could say just how its seemingly disparate jumble of writings — stories, letters, poems, collections of laws, religious visions — got there. Filling this knowledge gap, How the Bible Was Built clearly tells the story of how the Bible came to be. Penned by Charles Merrill Smith in response to his teenage granddaughter’s questions, the manuscript was discovered after Smith’s death and has been reworked by his friend James Bennett for a wider audience. Free of theological or sectarian slant, this little volume provides a concise, factual overview of the Bible’s construction throughout history, outlining how its various books were written and collected and later canonized and translated. Written in an easy conversational style and enhanced by two helpful appendixes (of biblical terms and dates), How the Bible Was Built will give a more informed understanding of the Bible to people of virtually any reading level and any religious persuasion. Did you know? The word “Bible” comes from biblion, a Greek word meaning “papyrus scroll.” It took several thousand years to construct the Bible. The book we call Deuteronomy was discovered hidden away in a dark corner during the reconstruction of the temple under King Josiah. The Apocrypha contains some of the earliest “detective” stories on record. Church councils had many disagreements about which books ought to be authoritative (a book called the Shepherd of Hermas almost made the cut; the book of Revelation almost didn’t). A heretic helped form the canon. Debate over the canon didn’t really end until the Protestant Reformation and the use of the printing press. 
Price: 3.50 USD 2.80 USD 
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The Authority of the Bible, Colin Peckham
10 Colin Peckham The Authority of the Bible
Great Britain Christian Focus Publications 1999 1857924363 / 9781857924367 Paperback Very Good 
Many people assume that science has proved the Bible wrong. Yet that is not the case. The Bible, when probed to its minutest detail, is shown to be accurate in historical and geographical details. But the Bible is more than that, for it is a book about Christ. The Old Testament contains hundreds of predictions about Jesus, and the author of this book details the way in which many of them are fulfilled.Colin Peckham shows from the Bible the relevance of Christianity in today's multi-cultural context and how it compares with Hinduism, Islam and other world religions. He also shows us what Christ's attitude was towards the Old Testament. We are also shown how archaeology, sometimes used to try to disprove the authority of the Bible, and other external evidence have confirmed the trustworthiness of biblical texts.This is an important book, clarifying much of the miss-information of the past century and re-establishing the essential correctness of the Bible. 
Price: 4.99 USD 3.99 USD 
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Exegetical Fallacies, D. A. Carson
11 D. A. Carson Exegetical Fallacies
Grand Rapids, MI Baker 1986 0801024994 / 9780801024993 Paperback Good 
Some underlining. Light discoloration on page edges. This book offers updated explanations of the sins of interpretation to teach sound grammatical, lexical, cultural, theological, and historical Bible study practices. "A must for teachers, pastors, and serious Bible students."--Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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Beyond The Curtain (Sheet Music), Dallas Holm
12 Dallas Holm Beyond The Curtain (Sheet Music)
Word Music 1988 Soft Cover Good 
Sheet music for 10 songs from the Dallas Holm "Beyond the Curtain" album recorded on Dayspring. Titles include: "Beyond the Curtain," "Blow Through Me," "Gone Forever," " "Heal Me," "Jesus Saves," "Just Believin'," "Mount Up with Wings," "Reveal YOur Love," "Rise Again," "The Second Mile." 
Price: 4.25 USD 3.40 USD 
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Mysteries of the Bible Now Revealed, David A. Lewis
13 David A. Lewis Mysteries of the Bible Now Revealed
Green Forest, AZ New Leaf Press 2000 0892214597 / 9780892214594 Trade Paperback Good 
With changes in the air around the world, the biblical message of endtimes events is coming into sharper focus. Millions are looking at the immediate future and sensing the advent or radical change. In this spine-tingling book, the country's top prophecy scholars peer at the mysterious messages breathed into the Book of books. The bible's fulfilled prophecies are unique in literature, and point to a volatile global situation until all things are restored by Jesus Christ. 240 pages Paperback 5-1/4 x 8-1/2 Dr. James Combs is an evangelist and speaker on biblical prophecy, as well as the author of several books and articles. At 74 years of age and Provost of Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary, he is in demand as a conference speaker and guest lecturer. David Allen Lewis, Ph.D. , is a clergyman, author, Bible teacher, researcher and publisher. He also promotes the welfare of the Christian church, of Israel and of the Jewish People through television documentaries, speaking and writing. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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New Testament Textual Criticism: A Concise Guide, David Alan Black
14 David Alan Black New Testament Textual Criticism: A Concise Guide
Grand Rapids, MI Baker Book House 1994 0801010748 / 9780801010743 Paperback Used As New 
A concise companion to Ellis Brotzman's Old Testament Textual Criticism. Introduces students to the process of comparing Greek texts and seeking the original wording. 
Price: 6.50 USD 5.20 USD 
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Surprised By Faith, Dr. Don Bierle
15 Dr. Don Bierle Surprised By Faith
Lynnwood, WA Emerald Books 1992 1883002338 / 9781883002336 Trade Paperback Very Good 
Why Am I Here?, Is Jesus Really God?, IS the Bible True?, How Can I Know God? In depth answers to your questions from a scientist. 
Price: 2.25 USD 1.80 USD 
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Thy Word Is Truth, Edward J. Young
16 Edward J. Young Thy Word Is Truth
Grand Rapids, MI Eerdmans 1981 0802812449 / 9780802812445 Paperback Good 
There is a crease on the top corner of the front cover. Since its first publication in the USA in 1957, Thy Word is Truth has been recognized as the classic popular exposition of the biblical doctrine of inspiration. There are several reasons for the wide and warm acclaim which has been accorded to the author, the late Professor Edward J. Young, of Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. Thy Word is Truth explains the importance of the doctrine of biblical inspiration. Without it the reliability of the Bible is in serious doubt, the integrity of Jesus is put in question, and the only final authority men have in matters of faith becomes their own conscience. If we cannot trust what Scripture says about itself, how can we trust what it says about God, about man s need, or about Christ s saving power? Furthermore, Thy Word is Truth explains why this doctrine has been so fiercely contested. It is precisely because it lies at the heart of Christianity. While it is said that only what we think of Christ really matters, Professor Young urges us to recognize that what we think of him inevitably depends on the reliability of the Bible. If it fails us, we can know nothing for certain about Christ. He has chosen to make himself known through Scripture. To write such a book as this demands special gifts, and a rare combination of qualifications. E.J. Young possessed these to an unusual degree. He was an outstanding linguist and biblical scholar, and knew the text of the Bible intimately. He understood the doctrinal issues which are at stake. He possessed a lucid mind and pen. He was also willing to rest his own soul on the convictions to which Scripture itself drove him-even when this involved swimming against the tide of the world of scholarship in which he moved with high distinction. His blend of true scholarship with humble commitment to Christ makes this study a reliable introduction to a question which continues to haunt the church at the beginning of 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Biblia Hebraica, Ernst Wurthwein
17 Ernst Wurthwein The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Biblia Hebraica
Grand Rapids, MI Eerdmans 1994 0802807887 / 9780802807885 Second Edition Trade Paperback Good 
Light curling. This classic introduction to textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible is now entirely updated in the light of new critical editions of the texts and recent contributions and findings in the various areas of history of the text-especially the Masoretic text, the Septuagint, the Peshitta, and the Dead Sea Scrolls-and of textual criticism. A new chapter discusses the significance of textual criticism and the history of the text, and a new appendix provides resources for textual research. Includes 439 black-and-white plates of texts and inscriptions. 
Price: 7.84 USD 6.27 USD 
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The New Testament Documents: are they reliable?, F. F. Bruce
18 F. F. Bruce The New Testament Documents: are they reliable?
Downers Grove, IL IVP 1970 Paperback Good 
This modern classic in the field of New Testament studies offers a compelling defense of biblical truth. One of evangelicalism's most trusted scholars, F. F. Bruce clearly presents the evidence for the historical trustworthiness of the Christian Scriptures. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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God's Word, Final, Infallible and Forever: Compelling Evidence for the Bible's Inspiration and Preservation, Floyd McElveen
19 Floyd McElveen God's Word, Final, Infallible and Forever: Compelling Evidence for the Bible's Inspiration and Preservation
Floyd McElveen 1985 Mass Market Paperback Good 
Light wear on the back cover. No underlines. 
Price: 10.00 USD 8.00 USD 
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Which Version Is The Bible?, Floyd Nolen Jones
20 Floyd Nolen Jones Which Version Is The Bible?
The Woodlands, TX KingWord Press 1999 0970032803 / 9780970032805 Paperback Very Good 
Light shelf wear on cover. Clean and sturdy. An alarming expose' documenting the reasons for the differences between the modern translations of the Bible and the historical translations of the Bible such as the 1611 King James Bible, and other older Bible versions. Numerous illustrations of these significant differences are presented, and the myth that the differences in modern versions are mainly due to synonym choices and language changes is dispelled. The casting aside of the traditional Greek New Testament text which is the basis of the historic versions by Tyndale, Luther, Coverdale, and others is meticulously documented. Also carefully documented is the process which produced the radically different Greek text of the modern versions including an analysis of textual criticism. The completely unscientific basis of the methods of textual criticism are also exposed, and evidence that the traditional Greek text is actually much older than the newer critical text of the modern versions is presented. The work is carefully footnoted and includes a complete and comprehensive bibliography and index. By Floyd Nolen Jones 
Price: 12.00 USD 9.60 USD 
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21 I. Howard Marshall Biblical Inspiration
Grand Rapids, MI Eerdman's 1985 0802819591 / 9780802819598 Trade Paperback Very Good 
Several underlines. Is the Bible infallible? Can we believe in its inspiration and practice biblical criticism? How is the Bible to be interpreted for today? I. Howard Marshall's answers to these questions will be helpful to all biblical students who are puzzled and confused by current discussions of biblical inspiration and authority. Biblical Inspiration will help to reassure conservative students regarding the value of critical study of the Bible, and will clear away much misunderstanding that the conservative view of the Bible is obscurantist and unscholarly. 
Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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22 I. Howard Marshall New Testament Interpretation: Essays on Principles and Methods
Grand Rapids Michigan Eerdmans 1977 0802835031 / 9780802835031 Trade Paperback Good No Jacket 
Highlighted and underlined. 
Price: 7.19 USD 5.75 USD 
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Journey of the Bible: The Remarkable Story of How the Bible Came From God To You, Irving L. Jensen
23 Irving L. Jensen Journey of the Bible: The Remarkable Story of How the Bible Came From God To You
1985 Lamplighter Books 0890661928 / 9780890661925 Revised Edition Paperback Good 

Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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A Lawyer Examines the Bible: A Defense of the Christian Faith, Irwin H. Linton
24 Irwin H. Linton A Lawyer Examines the Bible: A Defense of the Christian Faith
Grand Rapids, MI Baker Book House 1978 0801055652 / 9780801055652 Paperback Good 
Sturdy. No underlines. Light spine wear. 
Price: 39.99 USD 31.99 USD 
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Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics, J. Edwin Hartill
25 J. Edwin Hartill Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics
Grand Rapids, MI Zondervan 1981 0310259002 / 9780310259008 Cloth Very Good Fair 
Biblical hermeneutics is the science of interpreting the Bible. The aim of this book is to explain and illustrate the various principles of Bible interpretation that must be followed if one is to understand the teachings of God's Word correctly. Such a study is pivotal to anyone who studies the Bible. Unless consistent principles of interpreting its passages are followed the truth of God becomes blurred and confused. Determining what the Bible means must precede all application of its words to the lives of its readers and hearers. Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon, Bible teacher and evangelist, says of this book: 'These principles of Bible study by Dr. J. Edwin Hartill have been tested and proved in his own personal teaching for many years. They are succinct, pointed, practical, original, understandable -- simple keys to unlock the storehouse of Scripture to things both old and new. This publication makes a distinct contribution to Bible lovers in their search for increased knowledge of divine truth. It is a privilege and an honor to commend it to God's people.' Using a graphic combination of text, charts, and outlines, Dr. Hartill states, 'I trust that as you study these principles, your understanding of the Word and your love for its truth may deepen, so that you may more ably pass it on to others.' Included are chapters on: - The Dispensational Principle - The Covenantal Principle - The Ethnic Division Principle - The Discrimination Principle - The Predictive Principle - The Application Principle - The Typical Principle - The Principle of Human Willingness in Illumination - The First Mention Principle - The Progressive Mention Principle - The Full Mention Principle - The Context Principle - The Agreement Principle - The Direct Statement Principle - The Gap Principle - The Three-fold Principle - The Election Principle - The Repetition Principle - The Synthetic Principle - The Principle of Illustrative Mention - The Double Reference Principle - The Christo-Centric Principle - The Numerical Principle 
Price: 14.85 USD 11.88 USD 
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I Believe in the Historical Jesus, J. Howard Marshall
26 J. Howard Marshall I Believe in the Historical Jesus
Grand Rapids, MI Eerdmans 1977 0802816916 / 9780802816917 Paperback Very Good 
Few would deny that a person named Jesus lived and died during the first century of this era. Yet opinions differ widely as to the reliability of the New Testament record of his life. In I Believe in the Historical Jesus, Marshall surveys the quest for the historical Jesus from the 19th century to the present, examines the methods used to extract historical information from the gospels, and investigates the role faith plays in a study of the life of Jesus. The gospel accounts of Jesus are reliable historically, not merely literary productions impossible to penetrate from an historical perspective, and Marshall's work is a ringing affirmation of belief in the historical Jesus. This edition includes a new epilogue and updated bibliography. I. Howard Marshall is Emeritus Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Honorary Research Professor at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where he supervises postgraduate students in their theological studies. Professor Marshall's area of research has been Luke-Acts, the Pastoral Epistles and the theology of New Testament writers. 
Price: 2.75 USD 2.20 USD 
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27 J. McKee Adams Our Bible
Nashville Tenessee Convention Press 1937 Hard Cover Good 

Price: 2.25 USD 1.80 USD 
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Solid: The Authority of God's Word, Jack Cotterell
28 Jack Cotterell Solid: The Authority of God's Word
Joplin, MI College Press Publishing House 1991 0899003621 / 9780899003627 Trade Paperback As New 
The previous owners name is on the first page. 
Price: 5.00 USD 4.00 USD 
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29 Jakob Van Bruggen The Future of the Bible
Nashville, TN Thomas Nelson Publishers 1978 0840756402 / 9780840756404 Trade Paperback Good 

Price: 99.99 USD 79.99 USD 
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Bastien Piano Basics: Piano Level 3, James Bastien
30 James Bastien Bastien Piano Basics: Piano Level 3
San Diego, CA Neil A. Kjos Music Company 1985 084975268x / 9780849752681 Soft Cover Very Good 
Level 3 of Bastien Piano Basics is carefully designed to boost student interest at a time when the appeal of piano lessons often diminishes. Five-finger positions in the keys of Db, Ab, Eb are covered. Attractive pieces, easily understood concepts. 
Price: 4.00 USD 3.20 USD 
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31 James T. Jeremiah M. A., D. D. The Importance of Inspiration
Des Plaines, IL Regular Baptist Press 1972 Cloth Very Good Good 

Price: 6.97 USD 5.58 USD 
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32 Jane Vogel The Case for Christ: Student Edition: The Case for Faith: Student Edition
Grand Rapids, MI Zondervan Publishing House 0310248574 / 9780310248576 Trade Paperback Very Good 
Leader's Guide 2-in-1 
Price: 2.25 USD 1.80 USD 
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Dealing with the Devil's Deception-how to Choose a Bible, Joe W. Gresham
33 Joe W. Gresham Dealing with the Devil's Deception-how to Choose a Bible
Fort Worth, TX The Fourth Angel's Publishing 2001 0971209707 / 9780971209701 Trade Paperback Used As New 
An overview of the development and dangers of the modern translations of the Bible and the men and motives behind them. Over four and a half centuries ago the great reformer, Martin Luther, said, "No greater mischief can happen to a Christian people than to have God's word taken from them, or have it so falsified that they no longer have it pure and clear. God grant that we and our descendants be witnesses of such a calamity." Is it possible that we, today, are witnessing just such a calamity? The answer and issues will become extremely clear when you finish Dealing With the Devil's Deception. 
Price: 10.95 USD 8.76 USD 
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Take God's Word For It (A Bible Study For Laymen), John F. MacArthur, Jr.
34 John F. MacArthur, Jr. Take God's Word For It (A Bible Study For Laymen)
Glendale, CA Regal Books 1980 0830706747 / 9780830706747 Mass Market Paperback Fair 
Shows fading. Light wear. 
Price: 1.50 USD 1.20 USD 
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Exercises in Interpreting Scripture, John Frederick Jansen
35 John Frederick Jansen Exercises in Interpreting Scripture
Philadelphia PA. Geneva Press Trade Paperback Good 
There are many books for laymen on how to interpret the Bible. In this short volume, however, Professor Jansen performs a unique service to the lay student of Scripture. he outlines the task of interpretation, with all its pitfalls and opportunities. He then carries the reader another step by demonstrating the process of Biblical interpretation. The author selects four passages for interpretation. They are difficult and at the same time highly instructive examples. Each passage is examined in terms of what it meant in the context of its times, and in the context of the larger portion of Scripture of which it is a part. The author then moves to the question of what the passage means in today's world. This is a book that seeks to assist the layman in developing his own skills of interpretation. It is also a readable and an inspiring treatment of the meaning of God's Word for this generation. 
Price: 2.25 USD 1.80 USD 
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The Bible Under Fire, John L. Campbell
36 John L. Campbell The Bible Under Fire
Fincastle, VA Bible Study Classics 1928 Cloth Good 
Previous owner's name is on the first blank page. 
Price: 17.99 USD 14.39 USD 
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37 John M. Lewis Layman's Library of Christian Doctrine: Revelation, Inspiration, Scripture
Nashville, TN Broadman Press 1985 0805416331 / 9780805416336 Hard Cover Very Good Good 

Price: 3.60 USD 2.88 USD 
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38 John W. Haley, M. A. An Examination of the Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible
Grand Rapids, IL Goodpasture 1951 Hardcover Good 
It has the previous owners name on the first page. 
Price: 20.00 USD 16.00 USD 
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The Origin and Transmission of the New Testament, L. D. Twilley
39 L. D. Twilley The Origin and Transmission of the New Testament
Grand Rapids, MI Eerdmans 1959 Hard Cover Good 
Light shelf wear. Sturdy. 
Price: 21.99 USD 17.59 USD 
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Choosing a Bible: Understanding Bible Translation Differences, Leland Ryken
40 Leland Ryken Choosing a Bible: Understanding Bible Translation Differences
Wheaton, IL Crossway 2005 1581347308 / 9781581347302 Mass Market Paperback Like New 
32 pages. Of the many Bible translations available today, are some better than others? If so, what criteria can we use to determine what makes a good translation? Leland Ryken introduces readers to the central issues in this debate and presents several reasons why essentially literal-word-for-word-translations are superior to dynamic equivalent-thought-for-thought-translations. You don't have to be a Bible scholar to recognize the need for a quality Bible translation. We all want to know that the Bible we read, study, and memorize is faithful to the original. Dr. Ryken tackles this issue and breaks it down in this concise, logical, and straightforward book, giving readers a valuable tool for selecting a Bible translation. 
Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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The Bible: Embracing God's Truth (We Believe Series), Max  Anders
41 Max Anders The Bible: Embracing God's Truth (We Believe Series)
Nashville, TN Thomas Nelson Publishers 1995 0840719264 / 9780840719263 Trade Paperback Very Good 
God has spoken and still speaks to His people through His written word. Anders shows readers why the Bible--and no other book--is God's written word, and illustrates how to use the Bible for devotion, for study, and for effective living. 
Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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The Bible: The Book That Bridges the Millennia, Part 2 (Interpretation & Authority), Maxine Clarke Beach (Study Guide by Toby Gould)
42 Maxine Clarke Beach (Study Guide by Toby Gould) The Bible: The Book That Bridges the Millennia, Part 2 (Interpretation & Authority)
New York UMC 1999 Trade Paperback Good 
Several underlines and notations. Part 2 of series on Bible's historical trek 
Price: 2.78 USD 2.22 USD 
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43 Merrill C. Tenney The Bible : The Living Word of Revelation
Grand Rapids Michigan Zondervan 1973 Trade Paperback Good 
Contemporary Evangelical Perspectives 
Price: 3.15 USD 2.52 USD 
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Pilgrim Theology: Taking the Path of Theological Discovery, Michael Bauman
44 Michael Bauman Pilgrim Theology: Taking the Path of Theological Discovery
Manitou Springs Summit Ministries 2007 0936163410 / 9780936163413 Paperback Good 
Sturdy. Shows light curling on page and cover corners. No underlines. 
Price: 3.99 USD 3.19 USD 
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45 Michael Drosnin Bible Code II: The Countdown
New York Viking 2002 0670032107 / 9780670032105 Hard Cover As New As New 
The Bible code-the ancient code encrypted in the Bible that may reveal our future-was made known to the world by investigative reporter Michael Drosnin. Now he reveals startling new predictions warning that we may have only three years to stop the countdown to Armageddon. This dramatic account opens on the morning of September 11, 2001, when Drosnin witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center-and then found the terrible event predicted in detail in the 3,000-year-old Bible code. But according to the code, September 11 was only the beginning. The Bible code says we are already in the "End of Days," the Apocalypse foretold by all three major religions of the West. Drosnin has traveled the globe to meet with world leaders to prevent the impending danger-and to search for the "Code Key," a long-buried ancient object that may completely unlock the Bible code, just in time to save our world. 
Price: 2.25 USD 1.80 USD 
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Judas and the Gospel of Jesus: Have We Missed the Truth about Christianity?, N. T. Wright
46 N. T. Wright Judas and the Gospel of Jesus: Have We Missed the Truth about Christianity?
Grand Rapids, MI Baker Books 2006 0801012945 / 9780801012945 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
Clean and sturdy Several highlights. Ships fast! Joining many other recently found and publicized "gospels," the Gospel of Judas has found its way into the limelight as the subject of some recently published books and some recent television programming. The ancient manuscript is genuine-so what are Christians to make of the claims therein? Claims such as -Judas was doing what Jesus asked him to do when he betrayed Jesus -Jesus came to offer secret knowledge of how to escape this earthly world, rather than to usher in God's kingdom on earth -Jesus felt no pain on the cross -and more This timely and necessary response to the Gospel of Judas is the authoritative, orthodox word on what it really tells us--and does not tell us--about Jesus, Judas, early Christianity, and Gnosticism. Tom Wright, as both a bishop and an historian, is uniquely qualified to speak on the subject and answers the questions Christians have after encountering this "new gospel." 
Price: 4.00 USD 3.20 USD 
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Searching Issues: Tackling Seven Common Objections to the Christian Faith, Nicky Gumbel
47 Nicky Gumbel Searching Issues: Tackling Seven Common Objections to the Christian Faith
London Alpha Books 1996 0781452597 / 9780781452595 Trade Paperback Very Good 
It has some writing on the first two pages. Why does God allow suffering? Do all religions lead to God? What about the New Age? Is there anything wrong with sex outside of marriage? Tough, real questions . . . that require straight answers. Nicky Gumbel discusses these and three other common objections to the Christian faith. Searching Issues is for those seeking insights into some of the most difficult and complex questions surrounding Christianity. Thsi book is also for those interested in bringing their friends to Christ. Whether you are studying on your own or with a small group, you will find helpful answers. Nickey Gumbel studied law at Cambridge and theology at Oxford, practiced as a lawyer, and is now ordained and on the staff of Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London. He is also the author of Questions of Life, Why Jesus?, Why Christmas?, A Life Worth Living, and Challenging Lifestyle. 
Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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Stolen Identity: The Conspiracy to Reinvent Jesus, Peter Jones
48 Peter Jones Stolen Identity: The Conspiracy to Reinvent Jesus
Colorado Springs, CO Victor 2006 0781442079 / 9780781442077 Trade Paperback As New 
Written by one of the co-authors of Cracking Da Vinci's Code, this approachable book compares the ideas of the Gnostic Jesus and the biblical Jesus. In Gnosticism, Jesus is not really human or divine. Rather he is spiritual, like all true Gnostic believers. But in the Gospels, Jesus Christ shows characteristics of humanity, including tiredness, anger, and suffering. He knows human weakness firsthand. Through this treatise, Jones shows us that our Savior can be personally known. He is not a cold and distant icon of religion, rather, he is a very real advocate and friend who is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. 
Price: 3.15 USD 2.52 USD 
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49 Philip DiCicco Leader's Guide for "Standing on the Rock: The Importance of Biblical Inerrancy" by James Montgomery Boice
Wheaton, IL Tyndale 1984 0842366040 / 9780842366045 Soft Cover Very Good 
32 pages. 
Price: 6.00 USD 4.80 USD 
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The Origin of the Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Authority and Inspiration of the Bible, the Canon, the Bible as Literary Text, Text and Manuscripts, Translations, Philip Wesley Comfort
50 Philip Wesley Comfort The Origin of the Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Authority and Inspiration of the Bible, the Canon, the Bible as Literary Text, Text and Manuscripts, Translations
Wheaton, IL Tyndale 1992 0842347356 / 9780842347358 Cloth Good 
Several underlines and notations. With the multitude of books available on comprehending the Bible, few explain its origin and development. Editor Philip Comfort has compiled the works of well-known scholars regarding the inspiration, canon, text, and translations of the Bible. A comprehensive guide for pastors, teachers, and students, this reference book will inspire renewed appreciation for the Bible and its history. Contributors include F. F. Bruce, Carl F. Henry, J. I. Packer, and R. K. Harrison. 
Price: 4.00 USD 3.20 USD 
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Voices from the Margin: Interpreting the Bible in the Third World, R. S. Sugirtharajah
51 R. S. Sugirtharajah Voices from the Margin: Interpreting the Bible in the Third World
London SPCK 1991 0281045062 / 9780281045068 Paperback Very Good 
Clean and sturdy. No underlines. Professional scholars and ordinary people contribute to this book, which is written from the perspective of those in the Third World. Writing from an experience of injustice and oppression, hunger and exploitation, they explore issues of racism and sexism, class struggle and religious triumphalism. 
Price: 4.50 USD 3.60 USD 
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Searching for the Original Bible, Randall Price
52 Randall Price Searching for the Original Bible
Eugene, OR Harvest House 2007 0736910549 / 9780736910545 Paperback Very Good 
Noted researcher/archaeologist Randall Price tackles crucial, faith–challenging questions about the Bible’s claims to be divine communication. All dispute boils down to two fundamental issues: Were the original writings given by God, or were they cobbled together from traditions, myths, and human ethical notions? And if divine, have they been faithfully passed down to us? Price brings his expert knowledge of the Bible texts to examine crucial topics: what the key ancient manuscripts reveal ideas about how mere humans composed the writings evidence from the archaeological record the gathering of inspired texts into one book the transmission of those texts to us All evidence available today, concludes the author, upholds even more strongly the age–long views of orthodox Christianity. Not only is the Bible we have a trustworthy record of divine revelation, but it remains living and authoritative for every time, every place, and every person. 
Price: 4.50 USD 3.60 USD 
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Scientific Facts In The Bible: 100 Reasons To Believe The Bible Is Supernatural In Origin (Hidden Wealth Series), Ray Comfort
53 Ray Comfort Scientific Facts In The Bible: 100 Reasons To Believe The Bible Is Supernatural In Origin (Hidden Wealth Series)
Alachua, FL Bridge-Logos 2001 0882708791 / 9780882708799 Paperback Used As New 
An elderly lady once left $20,000 and "my Bible and all it contains" to her nephew. The young man knew what the Bible contained so he didn’t bother to open it. He merely picked it up and put it on a high shelf in his house, and headed for Las Vegas. It wasn’t long until all his money was gone. He lived the next 60 years as a pauper, scraping for every meal and barely having the clothes on his back. As he was moving to a convalescent home he reached up to grab that old Bible and accidentally dropped it from his trembling hands. It fell to the floor and opened, revealing a $100 bill between every page. That man lived his life as a pauper when he could have lived in luxury, simply because of his prejudice. He thought he knew what the Bible contained. Most people don’t know that the Bible contains a wealth of incredible scientific, medical and prophetic facts. The implications are mind boggling... 
Price: 5.00 USD 4.00 USD 
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What If It's True: : Unleashing the Power of the Resurrection in Your Life, Ray Johnston
54 Ray Johnston What If It's True: : Unleashing the Power of the Resurrection in Your Life
Granite Bay, CA Thrive Publications 2006 0977930602 / 9780977930609 Trade Paperback Very Good 
Unleashing the power of the resurrection in your life. Foreword by Josh McDowell 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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Handbook of Biblical Criticism, Richard  N. Soulern
55 Richard N. Soulern Handbook of Biblical Criticism
Atlanta, GA John Knox Press 1981 0804200459 / 9780804200455 Trade Paperback Good 
Light curling and light wear on Cover. A helpful reference for understanding the technical jargon of biblical criticism and interpretation. Will prove its worth in seminary education. ---Reformed Review 
Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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A Layman's Guide to the Inerrancy Debate, Richard P. Belcher
56 Richard P. Belcher A Layman's Guide to the Inerrancy Debate
Columbia, SC Richbarry Press 1980 Paperback Good 
This is an 80 page softback authored by Richard P. Belcher and published by Moody Press. Contents include: Is the Doctrine of Verbal Inspiration Dead?, Is Scripture Alone the Essence of Christianity?, Inerrant Truth through Errant Words?, Where are the Original Manuscripts?, What is Neo-orthodoxy?, Evangelical Double-talk Concerning Scritpure, Luther: Errancy or Enerrancy?, Calvin: Errancy or Inerrancy?, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, Robert Eisenman & Michael Wise
57 Robert Eisenman & Michael Wise The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered
New York Barnes & Noble 2004 156619623x / 9781566196239 Hard Cover Very Good Good 

Price: 3.99 USD 3.19 USD 
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Understanding and Applying the Bible, Robertson McQuilkin
58 Robertson McQuilkin Understanding and Applying the Bible
Chicago, IL Moody 1992 0802490913 / 9780802490919 Paperback Used As New 
Clean and sturdy. A solid introduction to the ins and outs of biblical hermeneutics, without the intimidation that often accompanies this subject. With the help of this revised edition, pastors, students and laypersons need no prior knowledge of biblical exegesis to create their own Bible commentaries. 
Price: 3.25 USD 2.60 USD 
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59 Robinson B. James The Unfettered Word: Southern Baptists Confront the Authority-Inerrancy Question
Waco, TX Word Books 1987 0849930944 / 9780849930942 Trade Paperback Very Good 
There is a note on the first page. 
Price: 3.60 USD 2.88 USD 
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60 Robison B. James & David S. Dockery Beyond the Impasse?: Scripture, Interpretation & Theology in Baptist Life
Nashville, TN Broadman Press 1992 0805460365 / 9780805460360 Trade Paperback Fine 

Price: 4.05 USD 3.24 USD 
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