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World War I

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World War I

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World War I: The Great War and the American Century
1 World War I: The Great War and the American Century
New York Time-Life 2017 Soft Cover Very Good 
In 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand—who was in line for the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire—propelled Europe into a war unlike any the world had ever seen. But it would take yet another remarkable series of events for the United States to decide to enter the fray, a century ago in April of 1917. By the time the armistice arrived the following year, empires had fallen and 15 million combatants lay dead. And for the United States, the consequences of the decision to get involved would reverberate throughout would come to be known as the American Century, and still echo today. Includes: How the actions of teenage Bosnian nationalists set the war in motion—and why European leaders could not (or would not) stop it The birth of modern warfare and the brutal results that came with poison gas, airplanes and tanks American leaders facing a future in which isolation is no longer an option How the underprepared U.S. military helped put an end to years of war—and emerged one of the world’s great fighting forces Plus: the Versailles Treaty and the League of Nations and how they failed to avert an even more cataclysmic war two decades later Please note that this product is an authorized edition published by Time Inc. and sold by Amazon. This edition is printed using a high quality matte interior paper and printed on demand for immediate fulfillment. 
Price: 9.00 USD 7.20 USD 
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General George Patton: Old Blood & Guts, Alden Hatch
2 Alden Hatch General George Patton: Old Blood & Guts
New York Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 2006 1402736142 / 9781402736148 Trade Paperback Very Good 
Has a Name on the First Page. He remained firmly in the center of the action and at the center of controversy. That’s what made General George S. Patton America’s most colorful military leader and an endlessly fascinating subject. He’s as dynamic on the page as he was in life in Alden Hatch’s lively, accessible biography, which chronicles Patton from his early days growing up in Southern California to his triumphant march into Germany in World War II. With his iron-clad will to win, unique personality, and fearlessness, Patton’s a hero who will keep kids turning the pages to find out more. 
Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars, Andrew Carroll
3 Andrew Carroll War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars
New York Scribners 2001 0743202945 / 9780743202947 Hard Cover As New As New 
In 1998, Andrew Carroll founded the Legacy Project, with the goal of remembering Americans who have served their nation and preserving their letters for posterity. Since then, over 50,000 letters have poured in from around the country. Nearly two hundred of them comprise this amazing collection -- including never-before-published letters that appear in the new afterword. Here are letters from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf war, Somalia, and Bosnia -- dramatic eyewitness accounts from the front lines, poignant expressions of love for family and country, insightful reflections on the nature of warfare. Amid the voices of common soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors, nurses, journalists, spies, and chaplains are letters by such legendary figures as Gen. William T. Sherman, Clara Barton, Theodore Roosevelt, Ernie Pyle, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Julia Child, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, and Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Sr. Collected in War Letters, they are an astonishing historical record, a powerful tribute to those who fought, and a celebration of the enduring power of letters. 
Price: 4.50 USD 3.60 USD 
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Studies in British Military Thought: Debates With Fuller and Liddell Hart, Brian Holden Reid
4 Brian Holden Reid Studies in British Military Thought: Debates With Fuller and Liddell Hart
Lincoln, NE University of Nebraska Press 1998 0803239270 / 9780803239272 Cloth Used As New As New 
One page corner has light crease from a fold. John Frederick Charles Fuller (1878–1966), British soldier, military analyst, and war historian, is considered the father of modern armored (tank) warfare—first as planner of the attack at Cambrai in November 1917, and then as author of a number of works that challenged traditional British military thought. His ideas were resisted in his own country but had a major impact on German and Soviet military doctrine. Sir Basil Liddell Hart (1895–1970) was also a British military historian and analyst of note and authored influential military histories covering figures from Scipio Africanus to Field Marshal Rommel. In the twelve analytical essays in Studies in British Military Thought Brian Holden Reid examines these two figures whose ideas have influenced the interpretation of events in military history from antiquity to the Cold War. He compares and contrasts their views on tactics, operational art and strategy, and war as a social phenomenon. Additionally, he discusses the radically different temperaments of the two and shows how their differences shaped their work in important ways. In so doing, he continues to bring their ideas to students and practitioners of modern warfare and raises fundamental issues concerning the nature of war. 
Price: 93.00 USD 74.40 USD 
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Best Little Stories from World War I: Nearly 100 True Stories, C. Brian Kelly
5 C. Brian Kelly Best Little Stories from World War I: Nearly 100 True Stories
Naperville, IL Cumberland House 2014 1402293437 / 9781402293436 Paperback Very Good Signed by the Authors
Clean and sturdy. Behind the tangled alliances, feuding royals, and deadly battles are the nearly 100 riveting true stories of the men and women who lived, fought, and survived the first Great War. Based on the writings of soldiers, politicians, kings, nurses, and military leaders, Best Little Stories from World War I humanizes their foibles, triumphs, and tragedies—and chronicles how the emergence of fervent national pride led not only to ruthless combat, but a critical turning point in the twentieth century. Fascinating characters come to life, including: Lady Almina, the 5th Countess of Carnavon, who turned her husband's Highclere Castle into a luxurious military hospital for British officers (and inspired the hit television show Downton Abbey). Otto Roosen, the high-flying German reconnaissance pilot, who was shot down not only one but twice—first by the Canadian ace Billy Bishop and then by a fellow German—and survived. Arthur Guy Empey, the American who volunteered for the British Army after the sinking of the Lusitania, then wrote a bestselling memoir about life in the muddy trenches of the western front. 
Price: 5.00 USD 4.00 USD 
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The Lusitania, Colin Simpson
6 Colin Simpson The Lusitania
Boston, MA Little, Brown and Company 1972 0316791784 / 9780316791786 Hard Cover Good 

Price: 3.50 USD 2.80 USD 
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7 David Shermer World War I
Secaucus, N.J. Derbibooks 1973 0706402499 / 9780706402490 Hard Cover Fine Fine 
Some warpage to the front cover. Dust jacket is fine with a small tear on back. This volume details the many issues, both social and political, that arose as a consequence of World War I, including: the people and the state; self-determination; Britannia's diminishing power; and innovations in conflict. 
Price: 4.00 USD 3.20 USD 
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American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military from the Revolution to Desert Storm, Gail Buckley
8 Gail Buckley American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military from the Revolution to Desert Storm
New York Random House 2001 0375502793 / 9780375502798 Hard Cover As New As New 
This work complements Bernard Nalty's academically oriented history of blacks in America's wars, Strength for the Fight (1986), and Gerald Astor's narrative account, The Right to Fight (1998). Basing her account heavily on interviews and similar primary material, Buckley focuses on the particular experiences of black soldiers. She pulls no punches in describing discrimination against black soldiers, misrepresentation of their performances and denial of their achievements. But in a dominant culture that for much of its history was overtly segregated and highly racist, the pressures of necessity opened military service to blacks. It began as an individual process during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. By the end of the Civil War, the Union army counted its black soldiers in entire divisions and army corps. Black regiments, regulars and volunteers, served in the Plains Indian Wars and in the wars of empire at the century's turn. During the First World War, black troops won more credit under French colors than a segregated American Expeditionary Force would allow. Some black activists of the interwar years correspondingly turned to the revolutionary promises of Communism, playing a role in the Spanish Civil War's International Brigades, which Buckley arguably exaggerates. WWII was America's last segregated conflict. In Buckley's account the armed forces have succeeded in acknowledging past racism, while proving that liberal values like equality of treatment and opportunity are able to coexist with conservative ones like duty, honor and patriotism. (On-sale date: May 15)Forecast: Buckley, daughter of Lena Horne (and author of The Hornes), should have no trouble getting media attention on her six-city tour. Military history buffs and a broader readership interested in African-American history will turn out to buy this. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc. 
Price: 5.39 USD 4.31 USD 
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The Doughboys: America And The First World War, Gary Mead
9 Gary Mead The Doughboys: America And The First World War
New York The Overlook Press 2000 1585673234 / 9781585673230 Trade Paperback Fine 
Shows light wear. The Doughboys were the more than three million men, many of them volunteers, recruited from the cities and farms of the United States, who traveled across the Atlantic to aid the Allies in the trenches and on the battlefields of World War I. Without their courage and determination, the outcome of the war would have been very different. Drawing upon the often harrowing personal accounts of the soldiers of the AEF, The Doughboys establishes the pivotal role played by the Americans in the defeat of the Central powers in November 1918. Gary Mead brings together a rich selection of archive material in an engaging account that is part military history, part social analysis, part memoir. The Doughboys records the events of the war from the perspective of the United States, highlighting the crucial part played by the troops of the AEF and exposing the prickly, often turbulent relationship between the American and the Allied forces. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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Twentieth-Century Artillery, Ian Hogg
10 Ian Hogg Twentieth-Century Artillery
New York, NY Barnes and Noble Books 2000 0760719942 / 9780760719947 Hard Cover As New Very Good 

Price: 3.15 USD 2.52 USD 
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The Grand Adventure: A Year by Year History of Virginia, James A. Crutchfield
11 James A. Crutchfield The Grand Adventure: A Year by Year History of Virginia
Richmond, VA The Dietz Press 2005 0875171257 / 9780875171258 Trade Paperback As New 
From 1607 to the present, historical writer James A. Crutchfield takes the reader on an informative and exciting trip through Virginia's history. 
Price: 7.00 USD 5.60 USD 
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The Remains of Company D: A Story of the Great War, James Carl Nelson
12 James Carl Nelson The Remains of Company D: A Story of the Great War
New York St. Martin's Press 2009 0312551002 / 9780312551001 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
“Not since Flags of Our Fathers—no, make that, Not since Paul Fussell’s The Great War and Modern Memory—no, make that, Not ever—has an American nonfiction writer reached into history and produced a testament of young men in terrible battle with the stateliness, the mastery of cadence, the truthfulness and the muted heartbreak of James Carl Nelson in The Remains of Company D. I wish I’d had the honor of working on this book with him. But then, he didn’t need me.”---Ron Powers, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Flags of Our Fathers and author of Mark Twain: A Life “A beautifully crafted anthem to doomed American youth, James Carl Nelson’s The Remains of Company D is a must-read for World War I enthusiasts and those looking for a damn good war book.”---Alex Kershaw, New York Times bestselling author of The Longest Winter and The Bedford Boys “War is always hell, but the unprecedented carnage on World War I’s Western Front was the stuff of nightmares. The American boys of Company D were on the front lines, and James Carl Nelson has combined previously unpublished first-person accounts, prodigious research, and vivid, you-are-there prose into one of the great books on the subject. This is a Band of Brothers for World War I.”---James Donovan, author of A Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn—the Last Great Battle of the American West “James Carl Nelson’s book is a great contribution to AEF history. He has done an incredible amount of research in order to convey the experience of one group of doughboys...and to tell their story through their own words.….He reminds us that these long-forgotten battles of ninety years ago were as hard fought as any before or since, and that our country was well served by the young men who fought them. Get this book. It puts a very human face on the experience of Americans on the Western Front.”---Dr. Paul Herbert, executive director of the Cantigny First Division Foundation Haunted by an ancestor’s tale of near death on a distant battlefield, James Carl Nelson set out in pursuit of the scraps of memory of his grandfather’s small infantry unit. Years of travel across the world led to the retrieval of unpublished personal papers, obscure memoirs, and communications from numerous Doughboys as well as original interviews of the descendents of his grandfather’s comrades in arms. The result is a compelling tale of battle rooted in new primary sources, and one man’s search for his grandfather’s legacy in a horrifying maelstrom that is today poorly understood and nearly forgotten. The Remains of Company D follows the members of Company D, 28th Infantry Regiment, United States First Division, from enlistment to combat to the effort to recover their remains, focusing on the three major battles at Cantigny, Soissons, and in the Meuse-Argonne and the effect these horrific battles had on the men. This is an important and powerful tale of the different destinies, personalities, and motivations of the men in Company D and a timeless portrayal of men at war. 
Price: 3.25 USD 2.60 USD 
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True Canadian War Stories, Jane Dewar
13 Jane Dewar True Canadian War Stories
Toronto, Ontario Prospero Books 1989 155267231x / 9781552672310 Paperback Very Good 

Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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America's Military Adversaries: From Colonial Times to the Present, John C. Fredriksen
14 John C. Fredriksen America's Military Adversaries: From Colonial Times to the Present
Santa Barbara, CA ABC-CLIO 2001 1576076032 / 9781576076033 Hard Cover Very Good Ex-library 
Books on American military heroes abound. But this book is the first to focus on America's talented enemieS≪/I>—the generals, admirals, Indian chiefs and warriors, submarine captains, fighter pilots, and spies who opposed the United States with military force or other means. Often these military leaders were among the best minds of their times. For more than two centuries, the new nation's most constant military opponents were the Native Americans, led by such capable chiefs as American Horse and Little Wolf. Under D'Iberville, Canada's French colonialists became formidable foes, but they were soon surpassed by the rigorously disciplined redcoats of Great Britain under Howe and Cornwallis. Ironically, the most effective enemies in the history of the United States were not the leaders of foreign military forces—like Mexico's Santa Anna, Japan's Yamamoto, or VietnaM&Apos;s Vo Nguyen Giap. They arose from among its own citizens during the Civil War, the bloodiest conflict in American history. 
Price: 6.50 USD 5.20 USD 
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A History of Warfare, John Keegan
15 John Keegan A History of Warfare
New York Knoph 1993 0394588010 / 9780394588018 Hard Cover Very Good Good 
In his sweeping new study, Keegan ( The Face of Battle ) examines the origins and nature of warfare, the ethos of the primitive and modern warrior and the development of weapons and defenses from the battle of Megiddo (1469 B.C.) into the nuclear age. Keegan offers a refreshingly original and challenging perspective. He characterizes warriors as the protectors of civilization rather than as its enemy and maintains that warfare is "entirely a masculine activity." Though warfare has become an ingrained practice over the course of 4000 years, he argues, its manifestation in the primitive world was circumscribed by ritual and ceremony that often embodied restraint, diplomacy and negotiation. Peacekeepers, he suggests, would benefit from studying primitive warmaking--especially now, "a time when the war of all against all already confronts us." A masterwork. Photos. 40,000 first printing; History Book Club main selection; BOMC alternate. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. 
Price: 4.00 USD 3.20 USD 
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On Seas of Glory: Heroic Men, Great Ships, and Epic Battles of the American Navy, John Lehman
16 John Lehman On Seas of Glory: Heroic Men, Great Ships, and Epic Battles of the American Navy
New York, NY Simon & Schuster 2002 0684871777 / 9780684871776 Trade Paperback Very Good 
In On Seas of Glory, the U.S. Navy meets a storyteller worthy of its noble history. Former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman gives a sweeping narrative of the service's illustrious past, from the Revolutionary War to the present day, filled with the ships that dominated the seas, equally titanic personalities, and the battles that made history. Lehman profiles naval greats from John Paul Jones to William "Bull" Halsey, as well as the lesser-known sailors who have made the U.S. Navy the mightiest in the world, using diaries, memoirs, and letters to reveal naval combat as though firsthand. He also highlights the warships that have dominated the seas of their day and the battles in which they fought -- illustrated by detailed maps, woodcuts, paintings, and never-before-published photographs. With this chronicle of selfless sacrifice and awesome courage on the war-swept seas around the world, Lehman reminds us that the legends chronicled in these pages were real men and women, that the navy they fought for still sails, and that today their heroism is needed more than ever. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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Flawed Victory (Jutland, 1916), Keith Yates
17 Keith Yates Flawed Victory (Jutland, 1916)
Annapolis, MD Naval Institute Press 2000 1557509816 / 9781557509819 Cloth As New As New 
With style and verve, Yates expertly analyzes the Battle of Jutland and the post-war controversy. 
Price: 19.65 USD 15.72 USD 
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18 Martin Blumenson The Patton Papers 1885-1940
Boston Houghton Mifflin Company 1972 Cloth Very Good Fine 

Price: 5.00 USD 4.00 USD 
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19 Martin Gilbert In Search of Churchill: A Historian Journey
New York, NY John Wiley & Sons 1994 0471180726 / 9780471180722 Trade Paperback Good 
"Penetrating . . . beautifully rounds out and humanizes the character of the greatest statesman of the twentieth century." —San Francisco Chronicle. "A multifaceted gem, sparkling with anecdotes and insights about the nature of biography, the challenges and rewards of historical research, and of course Winston Churchill." —Richmond Times-Dispatch 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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First Day on the Somme, 1 July 1916, Martin Middlebrook
20 Martin Middlebrook First Day on the Somme, 1 July 1916
New York W. W. Norton 1972 39305442x Cloth Very Good Poor 

Price: 24.00 USD 19.20 USD 
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From the  Front: The Story of War, Michael S. Sweeney
21 Michael S. Sweeney From the Front: The Story of War
Washington, D.C. National Geographic 0792281942 / 9780792281948 Hard Cover Very Good Poor 
"In this vivid, visually gripping account of modern warfare, awarding-winning author Michael Sweeney takes us onto battlefields from the Crimea to Kuwait to chronicle 150 years of war, often in the words of those who have seen it firsthand. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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Heaven High, Hell Deep, 1917-1918 (Wings of War), Norman Archibald
22 Norman Archibald Heaven High, Hell Deep, 1917-1918 (Wings of War)
New York Albert & Charles Boni 1935 080949616x / 9780809496167 Hard Cover As New 

Price: 18.00 USD 14.40 USD 
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274 Things You Should Know About Churchill, Patrick Delaforce
23 Patrick Delaforce 274 Things You Should Know About Churchill
London, England Michael O'Mara Books 2006 1843171910 / 9781843171911 Cloth As New As New 
Sir Winston Churchill was undoubtedly the greatest leader of the Second World War, and unarguably the greatest Briton of his age. Born at the height of British imperial power and twice elected Prime Minister, he galvanized the British people and their allies to resist the onslaught from both Nazi Germany and Japan. In doing so, he became the architect of the destruction of these unquestionably evil empires. Because—or in spite—of his numerous and varied successes, Churchill was also a full-bloodied human being, with all of the foibles, attitude, distemper, pig-headedness, and conceit that are so often the shadows of such greatness. This masterful chronicle is at once a many-sided work, a great source of anecdotes and memories, an insight into Churchill's larger-than-life personality, a record of his often caustic yet brilliant wit, and above all, a document of his remarkable and inestimable contribution to the modern world. 
Price: 4.50 USD 3.60 USD 
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24 Randolph S. Churchill Winston S. Churchill: Youth 1874 - 1900
Cambridge Houghton Mifflin Company 1966 Cloth Very Good Fine 

Price: 2.70 USD 2.16 USD 
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A Documentary History Of The United States, Richard D. Heffner
25 Richard D. Heffner A Documentary History Of The United States
NY Signet Books 2002 0451207483 / 9780451207487 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 
Here in one single volume are the documents, speeches, and letters that have forged U.S. history-from the complete text of the Declaration of Independence to J.F.K.'s inaugural address to George W. Bush's speeches after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 
Price: 3.50 USD 2.80 USD 
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The Wars of America, Robert Leckie
26 Robert Leckie The Wars of America
New York, NY Harper & Row 1981 0060125713 / 9780060125714 Cloth Very Good Missing 
"Leckie treats not the causes of our wars, nor the controversies that have always attended them, nor their results, so often equivocal, debatable, or flatly disappointing, but the manner in which they were fought, their leadership, their pages of glory and of shame."--Allan Nevins, Saturday Review. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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At War at Sea: Sailors and Naval Combat in the Twentieth Century, Ronald H. Spector
27 Ronald H. Spector At War at Sea: Sailors and Naval Combat in the Twentieth Century
New York Viking 2001 0670860859 / 9780670860852 Hard Cover Very Good Good 
At War at Sea is a fascinating account of the most important naval conflicts of the twentieth century. The book begins with a gripping account of one of the most decisive battles in history, the 1905 Battle of Tsushima, between the Japanese and the Russians, and ends with the sophisticated missile engagements off the Falklands and the Persian Gulf. Ronald H. Spector, former director of naval history for the U.S. Navy, chronicles not only the mechanics of battle and the changing technology of war, but also presents these extraordinary stories from the point of view of the participants. How did it feel to be the target of a 15-inch shell at the Battle of Jutland or to experience a depth charge attack in a submarine in the Battle of the Atlantic? What was it like to be under attack by Stuka dive bombers off Crete or kamikazes off Okinawa during World War II? Using more than a hundred diaries, memoirs, letters, and interviews as well as official records, Spector takes an in-depth look at fighting sailors-in peacetime and in time of war-that is unparalleled both in scope and emotional intensity. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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For Conscience Sake: A Study of Mennonite Migrations Resulting from the World War, Sanford Calvin Yoder
28 Sanford Calvin Yoder For Conscience Sake: A Study of Mennonite Migrations Resulting from the World War
Goshen, IN The Mennonite Historical Society 1945 Cloth Very Good 

Price: 60.00 USD 48.00 USD 
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Trench Warfare (Aspects of War), Stephen Bull
29 Stephen Bull Trench Warfare (Aspects of War)
Bramley Road, London PRC Publishing 2003 1856486575 / 9781856486576 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
Trench Warfare inaugurates a new, fully illustrated series devoted to different types of key military strategies throughout history. Each volume specifically focuses on a war in which that tactic played a central role: here, the concentration is on World War I. After placing trench warfare in its military context, this compelling volume delves into how combatants lived and coped in these ditches. In fascinating detail, it reveals what the conditions were like, including the barbed wire, diseases, and infestations; what weaponry and equipment were used; and how effective new forms of artillery were-including machine guns, chemical weapons, tanks, and aircraft. Explanations cover everything from trench tactics to their impact on the war as a whole, and also capture the experience of "going over the top" into battle. Dr. Stephen Bull is Keeper of Military History and the Museum of Lancashire, England. He has contributed to numerous publications, including a series of articles for Military Illustrated. 
Price: 8.00 USD 6.40 USD 
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Americans at War, Stephen E. Ambrose
30 Stephen E. Ambrose Americans at War
New York, NY Berkley Books 1998 0425165108 / 9780425165102 Trade Paperback Fine 
Stephen E. Ambrose, one of the foremost historians of the European theater of World War II, shares his vast knowledge of that conflict as well as the Civil War, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War in this compelling narrative about the American way of war. From Vicksburg to My Lai, Ambrose recounts the history of these wars with extensive coverage of the battlefields and believable portrayals of those involved, creating the perspective that the country's conflicts both reflect and shape American democratic society. 
Price: 2.50 USD 2.00 USD 
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Epic Retreats: From 1776 to the Evacuation of Saigon, Stephen Tanner
31 Stephen Tanner Epic Retreats: From 1776 to the Evacuation of Saigon
Edison, NJ Castle Books 2002 0785814035 / 9780785814030 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
In between glorious triumphs and noble catastrophes of military history lies a neglected stepchild: retreat. This book spans the modern era-from horses to helicopters-with highly detailed analyses of seven famous campaigns. 
Price: 3.00 USD 2.40 USD 
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The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T. E. Lawrence
32 T. E. Lawrence The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
The Programmed Classics Hard Cover Very Good 

Price: 50.00 USD 40.00 USD 
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